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Childrens Program 
(Ages 4-13)

In addition to all the benefits of our Martial Art Program provides, we offen an age specific curriculum that  is both educational and entertaining!  Martial art skills are paired with life skills to further enhance young childhood development.

We focus on the well-being and education of our children inside and outside of the class.  Our unique program uses interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the student's attention and teach life long skills.  Students achieve confidence, self-discipline and control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them.

Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others.  WE believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement.  

We teach the value of setting and achieving goals.






The Children's Promise

To always do my best and never give up.
To obey my parents and teachers.
To tell the truth and honor my word.
To always be polite.
To never misuse what I learn in class.

Adult, Teen and Family Programs


We offer adult programs for all skill levels. We encourage the participation of women and men of all ages, because everyone can benefit from the study of our martial art. We emphasize the positive attributes of our students, help them to gain self esteem and achieve higher goals. Our Black Belt Martial Arts school believes in following a high standard of values to bring out the good in our students and increase the quality of life. Regular attendance will result in stress reduction and improved health. 

Our martial art system is designed for prevention and healing of adult disease also known as modern disease or poor lifestyle disease. These degenerative diseases include diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, and obesity.  Our martial art system of training, coupled with a healthy diet, helps solve the root causes of these medical conditions and helps the body quickly heal itself as it adapts to a newer healthier state through proper exercise – one of the most important element for preventative health. Balanced integrated movements involving equal amounts of left and right side training helps prevent deterioration of brain cells, allows for cognitive thinking, and provides memory improvements. In addition, learning how to properly adjust frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise helps to stimulate the circulatory system, increases blood flow and cardiovascular health, develops fast twitch muscle fiber, quickens reaction times, and improves muscle toning.


The Adult Pledge

To set positive goals and strive to achieve them.
To apply self discipline to further my personal development. 
To stand for justice and honor my word.
To promote friendly relationships among all people. 
To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner.

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